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New! I've upgraded from Telus TV to Telus Optik TV. Read my review!

I've added my original Telus TV review with the older non Optik TV technology. I made the switch from Shaw to Telus but was it worth it? Read on.


Ask anyone who has visited. Ask anyone who lives here. People will tell you that Vancouver is a beautiful city. Whatever the season whether it is summer, winter, fall or spring, BC Vancouver will offer delightful views and activities.

Our website will be both visitors and locals of Vancouver Canada. We will provide all the resources when planning a vacation to our beautiful city. Of course the olympics are nearing in 2010 when Vancouver will become front and center for the world!

If you are planning a vacation to our city, we will give you a different and realistic approach to planning your activities in Vancouver. World class skiing in the winter is just part of the amazing things that you can do in BC Vancouver. We have some of the worlds greatest fresh ingredients for cooking and along with some of the worlds top chefs. If dining is your interest then Vancouver will be perfect for you.

Of course finding a hotel Vancouver is going to be your first priority. You need to plan this part of your vacation good because there are simply not enough hotels in Vancouver currently. Will this change? Hopefully the room numbers will increase after the olympics in 2010. If you are looking for a hotel, downtown Vancouver offers many options but at a high price. We will have a full listing of the top hotel locations, in addition we will feature many hotel Vancouver listings for special deals and rates! These lists will be current and updated daily. Book a hotel in Vancouver easily using our resources.

Vancouver is located on the west coast of Canada in the province of BC or British Columbia. The weather is often rainy which gave way to the nickname "wet coast" used in place of west coast. The area is made up of many inlets, mountains, bridges and rivers which means traffic during rush hour can be slow and frustrating. Vancouver was awarded the 2010 winter games and will further establish Vancouver as a world class city.

The centerpiece or crown jewel of Vancouver is Stanley Park. It is a massive park with many beaches and a beautiful seawall. It has many tourist opportunities including the Vancouver Aquarium. If you want to see how beautiful Vancouver is, then I suggest strongly you rent a bike a cycle around the seawall. You will appreciate the beauty of the surroundings. Enjoy the boats, sailboats, cruiseships and cargo ships passing the Lions Gate Bridge.

BC Vancouver has a professional NHL team the Vancouver Canucks and a CFL football team the BC Lions.

Photo By: KeeganMullany

Here is a beautiful photo of the Stanley Park Seawall. Ride, walk, run or roller blade your way around downtown Vancouver via the seawall. Amazing!



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Photo of the majestic Vancouver Public Library. Photo taken by: Mark Paciga


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