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Telus TV - Is it worth making the switch?

Update - Adding a Telus Optik vs Shaw summary page. Having troubles deciding which TV service to go with? Let us help you decide!

Update - I've done it! I've updated now to Telus Optik TV. I've added my Telus Optik TV review to the site also. I made the call, asked the questions and I'm into Optik TV and Optik internet services. Is it worth the upgrade? You better read the review to find out! I'm sure you've seen the commercials featuring the Telus Optik TV nerd. I'm sure there was something in those commercials that made you interested. One thing is quite certain after you've had some time using Optik TV. It's like nothing I've experienced and likely like nothing you've experienced before. It's television taken to the next level. I have a lot to say about Telus Optik TV in my review which is updated for accuracy on a regualr basis. If you haven't decided on Telus Optik or Shaw, then hang on before you make the decision.

I encourage you to go now to the updated Telus Optik TV review which is current to 2013. The following Telus TV review below is worth reading, but most likely you will be signing up for Telus Optik TV.


My review of Telus TV is honest and to the point. You can trust my experience of switching from Shaw TV to Telus TV. You can learn from my mistakes when dealing with setting up your Telus TV and I can save you some time from being on hold when calling in for assistance! Telus claims the future is friendly. Let me tell you the reality in my review!

I live in Vancouver BC. The economy in Canada is good, but we all want more for less right? I've ditched Shaw cable and plunged into Telus TV. This has been a bumpy road so let me be your guide. I will tell you what to avoid, what to ask, and what to expect. You would think that it would be easy, but you need to educate yourself to make sure you are actually getting what you signed on for.

** Easter Egg: Shh don't tell Telus about this! They say you can't do it. Find out how to record using your PVR and watch a different channel at the same time. Will be added in this next week. (for fun I will bury this in my review somewhere) -- Update May 2010, Sadly a firmware update has made this recording and watching a different channel impossible now. Having said that, Telus is launching a new service which open up your bandwidth to do whatever you want with. I'll be updated with the exciting detail in the coming weeks!


In my opening comments I can only recommend that you read everything that I have to say about my Telus TV experience. I dealt with internet speed issues, so I will add more information in my full review. It's not fair to say good things or bad things about Telus TV until I'm certain that I'm satisfied with the switch or if I'm looking for a refund. If you live in Vancouver like I do, then you at least need to consider making a switch for full on Telus.

For the record, I am no way associated, affiliated, or pro Telus. I'm simply an individual who wants to get more service for less money. Vancouver BC and any part of Vancouver city is expensive. Paying less for anything is always a good option to at least consider. Telus and Telus TV is nothing to fear. Saving money should be your primary consideration for switching from Shaw TV to Telus TV.

Chapter 1 - The Motivation

Telus TV - Worth it?

telus tv
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My Telus TV review that will give you the most current and updated information for deciding to signup for Telus TV.

Simple. It's called money. Ever heard of bundles? Usually when I get a phone call during my dinner I know it's somebody selling something. I don't give these people the time of day. Looking back on my mentality about hearing out Telus TV and their suggestion of me taking a bundle, I was an idiot. I had Shaw basic cable and Telus phone and internet. Having two different providers for your television and telephone service in British Columbia of Vancouver is simply nuts. Correct this as soon as possible! You are throwing away money!

I live in Vancouver and Telus TV was available for quite some time to me. I knew this, but I also heard some horror stories. Bottom line is, my dad got a bundle without Telus TV and he was saving big money plus he got a faster internet connection speed! I looked into what bundles were available and yes, my jaw dropped! So who was the idiot? I was for not listening to Telus when they called and tried to save me money. Call this lesson #1.

Chapter 2 - Making The First Call To Telus

If you're like me, you have Telus as your telephone provider. Perhaps like me you also have Telus internet. Even if you don't have Telus internet now, you may want it. A family member informed me how my money they were saving after asking about Telus bundles. This prompted my first call to Telus and Telus bundles.

I was shocked at my price savings for bundling all my services. I was going to double my 1.5 MB Telus internet speed to 3.0 MB. That means double the speed of my internet downloads. I was going to pay a lot less for my phone with cheaper long distance rates plus get caller ID!

Of course this is a Telus TV review so let me get into that. Previously, Shaw TV basic cable gave me all the channels that I really wanted. Previously, Telus TV couldn't quite match what I wanted. The fact is, with Telus TV I was going to get more television channels than I had with Shaw for a LOT less money. Even better I am getting a FREE wireless modem (because of my contract term) and a free to use HD PVR for one of my televisions (because of my contract term). Since I have 2 televisions, I get the second digital box free to rent.

** Remember this next part. The Telus TV rep on the phone made specific mention of the fact that the PVR will not allow me to record and watch a different channel at the same time. Why did they mentioned this to me? I imagine because of customer outrage. Most people expect their PVR to record one channel and allow them to watch on another. Regardless of this apparent issue with Telus TV PVR limitation, it made no difference to me. I was just suffering from sticker shock and the major savings.

telus tv hdIf you're thinking this all sounds too good to be true, then read on. I must have my hooks in you as a reader! Seriously though, it was so fantastic that I took a leap of faith before really knowing how good or lousy Telus TV really was. Unlike you right now, I did not extra reading online about Telus TV.

Dealing with the Telus rep was great. They definitely care about keeping you as a customer or getting your business. I was very happy after making the call and learning about everything new from Telus that I was getting. What I was getting after my first initial call to Telus and Telus TV:

  • Cheap new phone plan with calling feature!
  • Faster Telus internet from 1.5 to 3.0 speed!
  • Telus TV with Watch A Bunch Bundle!
  • Free HD PVR and free Digital TV box for my second TV!
  • Free wireless modem for signing a long term contact!
  • 3 months with all the channels for no extra charge!

Chapter 3 - So Far So Good

UPDATE: Telus has been really pushing Telus bundles including their Telus TV. I've seen lots of advertising. Trust me, Telus bundles are worth investigating! I'm saving big money and so can you.

I set up the appointment for Telus TV install. I was a bit frightened at the timeframe which would be anywhere from an hour to four hours for a Telus TV install. Yikes! I was a bit worried about my wiring and whether they were going to renovate my apartment to get this Telus TV up and running. I guess depending on your house or apartment, you could be in for a long installation process for Telus TV. Having said that, you aren't paying for the labour so who cares.

Telus TV service guy showed up on schedule and took about 45 minutes to set it up. I live in Vancouver BC in an apartment and no extra jacks were required for my setup. In my 2 bedroom apartment, I have a TV setup in a bedroom and living room and luckily both rooms have telephone jacks. Telus internet is already setup in the bedroom.

Overall Telus TV was painless for the installation step. The Telus TV serviceman did the necessary wiring for my computer which means I have a couple small router units now. No big deal and perhaps by now, you will get an all-in-one router unit so you won't have the mini stack like I have. The bottom line is, Telus internet was running seamless after the Telus TV installation, or so I thought...

The first night of Telus TV. Yipee... I thought. Let me say the service guy did something to one of the telephones and the bedroom phone is dead. Great, another call into Telus to setup another service appointment. I'm easy going, so I wasn't sweating over this small glitch. So pre-Telus TV I had 2 working phones, after Telus TV I had one working phone. I bold another call into Telus because calling Telus will be a regular occurance over my first few days with Telus TV.

telus bundlesEverything seemed okay at first. Then it happened. Buyers remorse I believe is what it's called. I was so impressed with the Telus bundle and the savings, that I jumped without looking. I thought everything would be fantastic with Telus TV, faster Telus internet and cheaper Telus bundle for my phone. The first night with Telus TV was interesting to say the least!

Here's what happened. I was downloading and noticed something odd. I was so excited about getting faster internet because I was going from 1.5 to 3.0 MBPS which should double my downloading speed. However, this wasn't what I was experiencing with my Telus internet post Telus TV installation. My download speed was half as fast as it was before the Telus TV was installed. Oh no what have I done! I quickly jumped onto message boards and did some googling about Telus TV and Telus internet speed. Could it be that my Telus internet speed slowdown was related to my Telus TV? I had to find out. You know how it is. Use the internet to hear other consumers experiences about a certain product or service BEFORE you make a decision.

Telus TV Update

If you live in Vancouver or British Columbia you may have noticed something. The Telus TV advertisements of course! It's August 2009 and Telus TV is having it's grand opening party it seems. Telus is currently advertising on TV, on bus stops, and everywhere else. Although I signed up for Telus TV around June 2009, I think it's safe to say that Telus bundles are a great choice. They had issues when first launching Telus TV, but now that they are openly and agressively adverstising Telus bundles with Telus TV and Telus internet it's safe to say Telus is confident is their services. This should be one more reason for you to consider going with Telus bundles and Telus TV. If their advertising it now, then it must be good right?

Chapter 4 - Buyer's Remorse

Let me do a quick recap. I signed on for the Telus bundle which gave me better Telus internet speed, 1 HD PVR, and 1 free HD Box rental, plus Telus phone service savings. I'm at the first night of having my Telus Television setup on 2 television in my apartment. I started downloading and noticed a serious drop in my regular downloading speed. It wasn't my imagination. Something was sucking the speed from my Telus internet!

I must clarify that I have always had Telus internet. Perhaps you currently have Shaw internet. Telus internet uses DSL which means your speed is not affected by everyone else in your area. Telus internet speed is independent and doesn't fluxuate. Shaw internet speed fluxuates depending on what your neighbors are doing with their Shaw internet. Internet slowdowns occur with Shaw, but do not occur with Telus. I've always hated the thought of my internet speed going up and down depending on what somebody else is doing. I like the stable speed of Telus internet.

So, on my first night, I'm sweating bullets about my internet speed. I signed up for 3.0 MBPS which is supposed to be twice as fast internet as what I had before the Telus TV was installed. Thanks to Google and forums, I was able to find information from other consumers about Telus TV and Telus internet speed.

First off, I wasn't the only one noticing slow internet speed after having Telus TV installed. In fact, I found someone posting on a forum with the EXACT same issue I was having. It was at telus televisionthis point, I had that sinking feeling. It's called buyers remorse. After reading about this Telus internet slowdown issue, I noticed the similarities to my problem. This person talked about having 2 televisions running at the same time and using your internet at the same time. They said shut off one of the televisions and see what happens. So, I did that and guess what? My internet speed shot up to my usual Telus internet speed, but not the double speed that I signed up for. So I was feeling angry at this point. I couldn't believe that my internet speed would be completely dependent on what was happening with my televisions.

The bottom line was, that having 2 televisions on, at the same time, would slow down my Telus internet speed significantly. To me this was completely unacceptable. What fueled my anger was that I signed up for the Telus bundles for 3 years! Why didn't I research this Telus TV before I jumped into the bundles?

So, think of it this way. You are given from Telus a certain amount of power. This power is not enough to have 2 televisions running at the same time and keep your internet speed at the 3.0 MBPS which you were promised that you would be getting as part of your Telus bundles. Sure, you could get your 3.0 MBPS if you asked your spouse or roommate to turn the television off in the other room. Simply unacceptable to me, which I know I'm repeating here. Anyways, it was later at night when I discovered this issue, so I needed to wait until the next day before making another call to Telus. Again, I bold this because it's a reoccuring theme with my Telus TV experience. Keep your eyes on my calls to Telus!

Chapter 5 - Telus TV Nuts and Bolts

During that first night with Telus TV, I learned some important issues that you need to understand. This will help you if you make that call to Telus and sign up for Telus TV. It's very important to know what exactly you are able to get in your area or home or building. You need to understand before you make that first call into Telus about a Telus TV and bundle.

I will try to keep this easy to understand. Bandwidth is the important word when it comes to Telus TV and your Telus bundle with internet. It's like a tap. Telus opens up the tap giving you the proper amount of bandwidth for what you sign up for. What I didn't know when I signed onto Telus TV, is the limit on bandwidth into my home. For most people bandwidth and the amount of bandwidth required for Telus TV and Telus internet is confusing. Basically there is a 7 MB profile and 15 MB profile. If you have HD channels with your Telus TV, then you will get the 15 MB profile into your home.

The issue for me was, that I didn't sign up for a HD TV channel pack with Telus TV. I don't own an HD TV, so why would I get those channels? As a result, when I signed onto Telus TV, I was given only 7 MB of bandwidth into my home. Here is the breakdown:

  • Each Standard definition SD TV will use 2.5 - 3.0 MB of bandwidth, but let's say 3.0 MB per television for Telus TV.
  • Internet will use 1.5 MB or 3.0 MB of bandwidth. At the time of writing this Telus TV review, the fastest Telus internet speed you can sign up for is 3.0 MB if you have Telus TV.

telus tvMy setup for Telus TV: 2 Standard definition SD televisions = 3 MB + 3 MB = 6 MB of bandwidth used. Of course, this means that if both televisions are on, then I will use 6 MB of bandwidth. Are you good at math? If I'm using 6 MB for television, and I'm only getting 7 MB of bandwidth into my house, how much bandwidth do I have left for my Telus internet? Yes! I only have 1 MB of bandwidth to power my internet. The correct answer really is, that you end up with a really angry me!

Backtrack to my original call to Telus to setup my Telus TV and bundle. I was so excited to be getting 3.0 MB internet speed which was double from the 1.5 MB speed that I had for years. Well, that first night of Telus TV not only did I NOT get my 3.0 MB speed which I signed on for, but my internet speed was SLOWER than what I had before getting my Telus TV. Of course Telus can argue that my internet speed really is 3.0 MB, but I would have to turn off one of my televisions to get that 3.0 MB speed.

I think my frustration was justified. I felt ripped off that I was not properly informed by the Telus TV representatives. It was a huge issue and leaving that out of the call to Telus seemed intentional on their part. They certainly could have mentioned the issue around limited bandwidth and that my internet speed would be dependent on how many televisions I had on at one time. Fact is, they didn't. The only thing Telus mentioned to me was that issue about the PVR limitation that you can't record and watch a different channel at the same time. Go figure.

So as you can see, if you don't sign up for a High Definition channel pack with Telus TV, you are given only 7.0 MB of bandwidth to your home. But the bigger news is that if you get the high definition channels, or at least $5 worth of them, you will be bumped from a 7.0 MB profile to a 15.0 MB profile. As I said before, Telus can open up the tap and give you that extra bandwidth. Well, hopefully in your situation they can because not everyone can get High Definition channels in their area. How bad is that news? Well, I'm not 100% certain so you need to ask first whether you can get the 15.0 MB profile. PERIOD. Forget about whether or not you can even get the High Definition channels, simply ask in a worst case scenario that you can get a 15.0 MB profile EVEN IF HD CHANNELS ARE NOT AVAILABLE WHERE YOU LIVE. You need to make a note of this before you call into Telus inquiring about a Telus TV bundle with internet. Trust me, you want the answer to this question before committing to Telus bundles. From what I know, you might be able to get the 15 MB profile to your home even though you can't get HD channels. As I've read, Telus doesn't encourage giving people 15 MB bandwidth if they are not getting HD channels. Force the issue with them. Unfortunately, when I called in, some Telus reps were confused about what the 15 MB profile is. Just tell them you want the 15 MB profile if they want your money!

So in my situation, I might be able to get more than enough bandwidth to my home so that my internet speed would be 100% independant of my televisions being on or off. After more reading, I realize that I think you know why this is important. This is the only way you can ensure that your internet speed remains constant in your home.

This isn't all bad news and this story does end on a happy note. You have to keep reading! Anyways, remember this all happened on my first night of having Telus TV. I learned a lot that first night after reading various forums online about Telus TV. I still needed to call them the next day and vent my frustrations and see if I could get out of this mess. I was frustrated to the point that I didn't care how much it would cost me to get out of my 3 year contract.

Chapter 6 - My Happy Fat Wallet

The next day I make the dreaded call into Telus to find out what my options are. There is no way I'm going to accept a Telus internet slowdown when I have both my televisions on.

First good news? The Telus service man showed up the next day to fix the phone. Yes it was working before Telus TV was installed, but returing the next day to fix it was dandy. I had a chance to speak with him from my place of work while he was at my apartment. I had a lot of technical questions about my short experience with Telus TV and he was very informative. I should say now, that in all the times I called into Telus, the reps are friendly, helpful and most importantly to me, they really wanted me as a customer. I mean seriously wanted to keep me as a customer! Let me explain further.

When I called the next day, I was ready to ditch Telus TV, Telus internet and Telus phone services. I had signed up to a 3 year deal, but I was willing to eat some money over this internet speed issue. So, after calling in, venting, and then listening to the Telus rep, they wanted to find a solution. I told them point blank, that I wanted the 15 MB profile. They replied with the strict line that they don't allow people to get the 15 MB profile unless they are getting HD channels. Guess what I have to ask then, as painful as it is? How much for an HD channel pack? $5 they told me. Of course they had to find out first, if the HD channels were available where I lived. Thankfully my area and building were are suitable for the 15 MB profile. You may be lucky, you may not be lucky in getting the 15 MB profile. You do need to verify that you can get a 15 MB first. Do it before committing long term to Telus in my opinion. Perhaps you will only ever have 1 TV in your home or apartment in which case the standard 7 MB profile will be sufficient.

So, after about what seemed like an hour converstation on the phone with Telus, I was pretty darn happy. Yes, I was staying with Telus TV and their bundle! I was angry at having to pay another $5 per month for an HD channel pack when I didn't even have an HD TV in my house. I stood my ground with the Telus rep, repeating my anger about not knowing about the internet slowdown, and that I was willing to cancel my services. The end result was that Telus fudged my bundle so that the $5 was reduced from my internet charges. Therefore, I wasn't having to pay that extra $5. I hope nobody gets in trouble if a Telus boss reads that. The fact is, the Telus TV rep was very sincere about wanting to keep me as a customer.

So, getting a $5 HD channel pack for Telus TV means that you move from a 7 MB profile to a 15 MB profie. Remember, Telus TV can only power 1 HD TV per household. So breaking it down technically, my 2 TV and internet will use this amount of bandwidth: 3 MB + 3 MB + 3 MB = 9 MB and I have the 15.0 MB bandwidth available. My Telus internet speed is now completely independant of my to televisions. This is exactly what the doctor ordered!

Now, here is another scenario if you have an HDTV. An Telus TV running HD uses 9.0 MB of bandwidth. So if you have 1 HDTV, 1 SD TV and internet running at the same time, this is your bandwidth usage: 9 MB + 3 MB + 3 MB = 15 MB usage. You can see, that under this situation, that you max out your bandwidth. But still, your internet will be at 3.0 MB regardless of what your televsions are doing.

So now everything is perfect right? Well no, it's actually not perfect yet. My Telus TV story isn't done yet. I still have more phone calls to make to Telus TV!

Chapter 7 - Telus TV Aftermath

So now I've got my 15 MB profile and my internet speed should be running twice as fast. I had been on the 1.5 MB Telus internet speed for years, and was really happy to be getting double the speed to 3 MB Telus internet speed.

The next night, I went to my computer and started to download. I was really excited to see my increased speed, but wait. Why was my Telus internet speed the same as always? This wasn't double the speed. Yes, disappointment again. So, the next day another call into Telus to find out what is going on. The TelusTV rep made me run some tests to confirm what I was seeing. A bit more hassle and time wasted honestly. I guess somebody at Telus forgot to flick a switch to increase my Telus internet speed.

This is a VERY serious issue to me. It turns out, that in fact Telus didn't set my Telus internet speed to 3.0 MB, and it was still at 1.5 MB. The issue for me is, I know computers and I can see that I wasn't getting what I was paying for. How about the less educated folks getting TelusTV and Telus bundles with internet? How would they really know if they are getting what they are paying for? Chances are, they don't. They trust that they are getting what they paid for. Sad really. Increasing my Telus internet speed was done from Telus offices, so it wasn't a big hassle. It did get increased, but ONLY after I noticed it myself and after I spend more time talking to Telus on the phone.

Here is what you need to do. Go to the Shaw Speed Test now. Check and write down your download and upload speed numbers. Keep those handy. If you are signing onto a TelusTV bundle, and are increasing your internet speed from 1.5 MB to 3 MB, then you need to go back to the Shaw Speed Test and confirm that the download speed is 3 MB. I saying that you shouldn't trust Telus that they are giving you what you paid for.

So, now everything is great right? No more calls into Telus I thought. Wrong! As you know I added the basic TelusTV HD channel pack. So when I tried to watch those HD channels, they were all black. Hmm. I was confused about this. Was this happening because I was trying to watch HDTV channels on my standard def television? Yes, another call into Telus to find out what the heck is going on. Turns out, Telus didn't flick a switch to give me those HD channels. No problem they said, but reboot the HD PVR. Oddly enough this didn't even work! I had to call them back a second time because the previous tech didn't setup the HD channels properly. In the end, after about an hour, my HD channels were working.

I was asking myself, what else could have possibly gone wrong with my TelusTV experience? As you can see, I had issues regarding almost every aspect of TelusTV and my bundled services. That was then, spring 2009, and now at the end of summer 2009, Telus may have educated their staff and worked out some of the issues that I dealt with. They are advertising TelusTV in a big way, so I think they must be very confident in their TelusTV service now.

In todays world, it's all about saving money. If you have multiple providers for TV, internet and phone, you need to shop for Telus TV bundles. Don't fear a three year contract. Sign up long enough so that you can get their free item. In my instance, I am getting a free wireless modem for signing up for 3 years. The main point is, when you are talking to Telus, you will quickly realize that they are serious about wanting you as a customer. This is a nice change honestly. I heard this from every person from TelusTV and Telus that I dealt with on the phone.

The next page is what you really want to know before signing up for TelusTV. The next page is a summary of the good, the bad and the ugly of Telus TV. I will tell you what to expect from TelusTV. It's different than cable and I have a few tricks and tips that will help you with the remote control. Trust me, you want to read these. There is a really frustrating button on the TelusTV remote that you will press, and spend a lot of time trying to fix. I will also tell you how amazing the caller ID feature is and how it relates to your TelusTV. I'm loving it!

Chapter 8 - Conclusion - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

You must be getting close to making a decision about Telus TV. Believe me, the good far outweighs the bad or the ugly. In fact, there really isn't much bad or ugly at all regarding Telus TV, Telus internet, or Telus phone service. You've already read the bad and the ugly! Remember all those phone calls I had to make? That's the ugly and the bad. You will avoid that stuff because you've taken notes of my warnings to you. Right?

The Good: Saving huge money with Telus Bundles

I've said this before. If you have Shaw TV, Telus internet and phone, then you will have sticker shock if you look into Telus bundles. In fact you will kick yourself in the arse for not getting your services bundled earliers.

The Bad: You may not be able to get Telus HDTV or the 15 MB profile

It's possible that you cannot get Telus HDTV or the 15 MB profile. It's technical and I don't want to get the facts wrong. You need to ask them and confirm what you can or cannot get. Make sure of this first! I've explained the issues with not getting the 15 MB profie. Now, of course if you never going to have 2 televisions in your apartment or house, then the 15 MB profile isn't necessary. If there is a chance that you may get 2 televisions, plus you have Telus internet, then you need to make a hard decision. Just ask your Telus rep and find out what you can get now, and what you might be able to get in the future at your home.

The Good: More channels for less

I didn't initially get Telus TV in their first wave of promotion a year or so ago. The reason? I was getting better channels with my basic Shaw TV channel line-up. More recently, when comparing the packages at Telus and what I was getting at Shaw, it made my decision simple. The Telus TV channels were fantastic. Telus TV gave me more channels, better channels, and all for a lot less money. A real no brainer!

The Bad: Channel volume inconsistency

This is interesting. It's frustrating at first, so now that I'm telling you, it won't bother you. There are some channels that are lower volume than all the rest. So, you watch that one channel and turn up the volume. Then you channel surf and you are quickly on the volume button lowering it as quickly as possible! It's not a major issue, but it's there on a few channels. If you have kids, I've noticed it with Treehouse TV. That's the main culprit I've found. Another difference you will notice, is that the volume on some channels increases during commercials. I asked the Telus tech about this and he said it's something they are constantly working on making better. Telus TV told me that it comes from the source (the actual channel) and is not a result of something that Telus TV is doing. Blame them, not Telus TV. If you had Shaw TV for most of your life on earth like me, you will find this volume issue odd at first. It's not evident, or at least I didn't notice it as much with Shaw TV.

The Good: No more fuzzy lines

All I can say is that with Shaw TV lousy picture was part of life. Perhaps not for you, but for me living in various apartments, there would always be channels that have funny lines or some kind of interference. Telus TV does away with fuzzy! The picture quality is fantastic and all the channels are the same. It's not like with Shaw TV where some of those channels are just glitchy 24/7.

The Bad: Mike and Fiona No More

Sadly, you won't be able to watch Urban Rush anymore. I didn't think about this until I was like hey, where the heck is Mike and Fiona. This bugs me because I enjoyed their show, their guests and their live music. Darn it. Nothing you can do about it though. I'm saving money so I've learned to live without Urban Rush. They are Shaw not Telus.

The Good: Call Display on your TV

This is amazing! Your phone rings, a pop up window appears on your television display showing the number! If you are on the phone, and you don't have call forwarding, the incoming call will display on your TV. You will see who is calling you and getting the busy signal. On your television menu, you can see your call history!

The Bad: The Telus TV PVR won't let you record and watch a different channel

Yes, it's true. The Telus TV rep will inform you right off the bat before you sign-up for Telus TV. You can't watch a different channel that what you are recording. There is a rumour out there that you can record and watch a different channel. Fact or fiction?

The Good: Channel guide

The channel guide rocks! You can watch your current channel via picture in picture, while the rest of the TV screen is tv listings. Simple to navigate and you can forward hours and hours ahead to plan your evening better. A small complaint, is that some listings on TSN don't seem to be accurate. I still haven't figured this out or why this happens from time to time. Perhaps it's a time zone glitch?

The Bad: Synch issues

This is something you will notice immediately. It was strange to me because for most all of my life I have watched cable TV. Telus TV is through an ADSL line so it behaves slightly different. Audio/video synch is one of this differences. Now I did talk with a Telus TV rep about this because it was unusual and strange to me. This is what's happening. The audio is slightly delayed from the video. This means words out of a mouth are not timed the same as the movement of the lips. You will notice this for sure. Now the reason for this? The Telus TV rep said that initially, people were complaining about the delay for channels to display when they were channel surfing. The reason for the delay or black screen between channels is because Telus TV was waiting for the video and audio to synch before showing the channel. So, because customers wanted to see the channels show up more quickly while switching between channels, Telus decided to show you the video before the audio synchs up properly. It's a good choice because black screens and waiting for channels to appear when switching between channels sucks. NOTE: When watching HD channels, the time for audio and video to synch is longer. The video takes a few moments to get up to speed. I don't believe this type of issue is just Telus. I think it's the same for all HDTV channels on all the providers like Shaw. I'm not an expert on this so you may want to research this further.

telus tvThe Good: 24 hour music and Westen Canada radio stations

Telus TV comes with Galaxie which are channels playing music 24 hours a day with no commercial breaks. You can find every music genre under the sun! Also, you get a huge selection of western Canada radio stations. I've always been frustrated with no clear CKNW in downtown Vancouver. Now with Telus TV, I can listen to CKNW through my TV.

The Good: Watch PPV

If you were on regular Shaw cable TV you will love Telus TV. You can now order and watch PPV events. Very simple process to buy PPV events and the charges will show up on your next Telus bill. Make sure you figure out how to order PPV and what you need to press. Don't try it for the first time just before your desired PPV event starts. You will panic. You may end up missing out on the PPV. Just make sure you are setup properly to buy PPV events.

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This is the current Telus Optik TV review section. I started with the original Telus TV, and upgraded to this Optik TV that you've all been hearing about. I answer the question. Is Optik TV worth making the switch?

Telus Optik TV Review

Telus Optik vs Shaw *new


If you're debating whether to switch to Telus TV, my review will give you good insight into what to expect. There are lots of interesting things that happened during this adventure. It all worked out in the end though!

Telus TV Review


telus tv

Photo of the Telus TV PVR

telus tv review

In addition to my review of switching from Shaw TV to Telus TV, I will be adding using tips and tricks for the Telus TV PVR and Telus TV remote. There are some frustrating buttons on the remote control that will have you swearing out of sheer frustration. Those reviews are coming soon!



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